Thursday, May 6, 2010


May 2, I went to rock festival called COMIN'KOBE 10!

In this festival,more than 100 bands perform their music on each stages.

There are 11 big and small stages.

Almost of them are indie band.

I enjoyed only 5 band,''SABOTEN'',''GOOD 4 NOTHING'',''HEY SMITH'',''KURIKINTON''and''NUGGET'' that is my brother's band.

''SABOTEN'' is my most favorite band.

They active in Osaka,so the music they create is very powerful and fun.

They always play with all strength.

Almost of their songs have positive words.

Their live was very fun! I want to see them more.
But I had to go a stage where my brother's band,''NUGGET''performed.
So I resigned myself to ''SABOTEN'' halfway.

My brother auditioned in the festival.
The audition called ''ABS BAND COLLECTION'' that choose best band of 12 bands chosen a lot of bands.
If ''NUGGET'' is chosen the best band,they can perform the biggest stage!

When I was enjoying other bands,my mobile phone vibrated.

The moment I said ''Mosi mosi?'', he said ''We were chosen No.1 band and we can perform that stage!!!!!''.

I was very surprised and cried. I was very very very grad.

The time ''NUGGET'' perform on big stage came.
There ware about 20,000 people.
I was nervous.
I was praying to success the live.

When the live finished,everyone smiled.
Some of them said ''They ware so cool !!''
I was happy.

COMIN' KOBE 10 give me unforgettable memory.


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  1. I am really envy of you to have such a nice brother! My brother is ........uuuuuu x(